Happy St. Patrick’s Day

You’re drunk already and you’re seeing 3 of everything. Fortunately, having your vision impaired will permit you to see  multiples of this wild s2000 and perhaps get you in bed with a dime who is actually a 3, but will leave before you wake up so your ego with not be harmed, that is until you see your friends. The S2000 below belongs to AlexIsTheMovie also known as Alex Zhao. His ability to fit aggressive wheels beneath the fenders of his s2000 may only be challenged by the legend SilentDancer. I know you’re green with envy or full of green beer either way enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day responsibly and please take a cab if you’ve been drinking. Previous AlexIsTheMovie Feature

I’d also like to add that today is my brother’s birthday who just turned 21! HAPPY BIRTHDAY C!!!


pictures that aren’t watermarked with the huge MotorMavens logo were taken by Alex Zhao (AlexIsTheMovie)

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