Black Box

Last night I fiendishly rummaged through the Mk3 (Mark 3) stance thread on Vortex. To my liking I found this awesome dumped black GTi. Where from you may ask? I don’t know (UK?). BUT, if your from the North East it’s not unusual to see VWs cruising like this. Reminds of the first time I saw Glitch’s car…..


photos by James Thomas Ford


  1. ivleague

    Are you sure ?? because im pretty sure the ones in the last picture are phone dials… whether thats just an enthusiast name or a manufacture name im not sure.

  2. ivleague

    hm, never heard of them…
    can someone post a link to more cars with monza splits ??

  3. ivleague

    OOOOOO now i seeeeee, they are 3 piece… OEM phone dials are not 3 piece correct ???

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