Black Box

Last night I fiendishly rummaged through the Mk3 (Mark 3) stance thread on Vortex. To my liking I found this awesome dumped black GTi. Where from you may ask? I don’t know (UK?). BUT, if your from the North East it’s not unusual to see VWs cruising like this. Reminds of the first time I saw Glitch’s car…..


photos by James Thomas Ford

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  1. ivleague

    Are you sure ?? because im pretty sure the ones in the last picture are phone dials… whether thats just an enthusiast name or a manufacture name im not sure.

  2. ivleague

    hm, never heard of them…
    can someone post a link to more cars with monza splits ??

  3. ivleague

    OOOOOO now i seeeeee, they are 3 piece… OEM phone dials are not 3 piece correct ???

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