In a recent conversation over what my next car should be an interesting subject materialized, that is the maturity of automotive tuning. Jon or as you guys may know him as he blogs here, J pointed out that if I built/bought a K20 Civic EK9, or any tuner car under the circumstances, I would have a difficult time securing a job if interviewers saw what I arrived in. Rattled by what he suggested, I replied stating that what I drive shouldn’t be an indicator of my performance (at least not for an entry-level position ;) ), regardless I see myself as an asset who can contribute significantly to a firm, not an employee fighting to retain my position due to poor performance. Right or wrong, would I want to be part of a business that determines the worth of someone based on their¬†appearance or mode of transportation? NO. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that if the industry you work in has a certain standard of dress you should make adjustments to your appearance, but if the position calls for a vehicle that is more reserved it should be provided, not a qualification for the job. I see where his opinion stems from, ring wing conservative-ville. Is tuning cars immature?


Is this NSX childish?

This yak looks pretty immature lol

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  1. Depends, NSX’s are considered to be exotic due to the price and production. It’s really how you present your car. The stigma with Honda Civics and Integras is that boyish racer look. Theres a guy by my job that drives a horrible Eclipse with oem Supra taillights. Certain individuals do make assumtions about you based on your car. Every little detail about someone people would make inferences.

    That’s why it never fails to buy a Porsche :).

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