Yesterday, August 15 2010, Joe aka FRENCH and myself went to Honda Day 2010 at Englishtown (props to Sean PANA Stuart for inviting us). So here’s how the day went for me. Woke up at 6:30 AM to wash the car, took a shower, headed out to meet up with FRENCH, and then drove to E-town. I was in the show, but I didn’t compete because of complications with registration, but I still had a lot of fun. It was great to see some familiar faces and some e-famous and not so famous rides. I met up with PANA and we talked for a few and he gave us some crazy complements which really meant a lot. It was great to have conversation with a fellow car enthusiast and photographer about more than just cars and pictures of cars, but its culture. We can look at pictures all we want, but growth in the enthusiast, the culture, and the quality of the cars being built, is the ultimate goal of IvyLeagueEast because for those people out there that really do build cars because of their love for cars and all things incorporated, the car would not be sh!t without them. Remember, YOU should be building the car, NOT an internet forum, NOT a viral website, NOT youtube, just YOU!

So this post goes out to all of our less fortunate single cam, non-vtec toting car owners, as well as our lucky DOHC vtec equipped B, H, F, 2.0 or 2.4 liter K series, or 6 cylinder J series boasting die hard Honda fans.

Special shout-outs go out to Sean PANA Stuart, Sol Fresh Krew, New Image Motorsports, Dave Tormey and the rest of the Canibeat crew, and the one guy with the Red S2000 on teal Works for shutting-it-down!

Here’s our coverage from the show. Forgive me for the quantity of pictures that I took, but I think these will suffice.

- j -







  1. Bradley Drever

    No pictures of the black CRX with the Green wheels? I was parked next the the white JDM EK9 with the TE37′s.

  2. ivleague

    I’m sorry dude what’s in the gallery is what we shot. I know the CRX you’re talking about too it had the rpf1s, right?

  3. Bradley Drever

    Yeah it did. It’s all cool. I guess it wasn’t worth taking a picture of. haha Great shots btw

  4. Team YAOWA

    Yo whoevers Horizon Grey DA that is , is NASTY ! Nobody fuckin with it . Thats cali shit ….

  5. J.Hwang

    thanks guys. yeah it was a fun event to attend. hopefully the quality of the builds will go up for next year. keep doing your thing!

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