“Function is the fashion”

“Function is the fashion”

That was a quote from the Pursuit of Function. A film that I posted up sometime last week. The point that one of the interviewees was trying to make was that no matter how you build your car, if you built it to perform well on the track, with the quality parts that were made to be used on the track, then that function is the fashion.

Nobody can rag on you if your car performs the way you built it. This S2000 is NOT hellaflush, it is NOT stanced, and it is NOT on bags. Whether or not this car is tracked, this car is IN fashion because it can perform.

Photography by Costas Stergiou

(Don’t forget to click on the picture of the lovely lady below :D)

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  1. Absolutely love this car. AND it is indeed tracked. The owner is John Nguyen out of Texas. He shows the car and tracks the car. In fact, he repaints it after the track season to get it ready for the show season. Very nice guy and very well built car.

  2. J.Hwang

    oh word? even better.
    if you know who he is, let him know his car’s been featured.
    and tell him props for doing it up right.

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