Saw Blades

As a fan of AlexistheMovie’s S2000, the Maserati green AP1 with nonconventional fitment, I wanted to be one of the first to support his new venture, Although it’s not 100% at the moment, he has taken an opportunity to share with us his perspective on the popular Corvette “Saw Blades.”


Words by Alex Zhao

“Okay guys, we need to have a serious talk here. Yes, about some ancient Chevrolet Corvette wheels…

These wheels came on the Chevrolet Corvette C4 of the late 80′s. Now, as we know, nothing stylish EVER came out during the 80′s. So why do people do this then? Putting these wheels on your grandma’s Daewoo Nubira and getting a feature on is as cool as having AIDS.

You know what’s even worse? Telling people that you’re slammed and spaced out on “sawblades” just so other people will think that you have aftermarket wheels.

I already know what you are thinking of saying back to me… “Wow bro, you’re a mad hater, it’s not even your car! Why can’t you appreciate other people’s tastes?”

First of all, you have no way of saying anything back to me, since this is my blog and commenting doesn’t even exist yet. Second, let’s be honest here… the REAL reason why you have these wheels is because you want to be trendy and don’t think that you can afford nice wheels. True, they come in great sizing, especially after pairing them with massive adapters, but come the fuck on! These wheels lack lip, lack concavity, and lack a nice finish. It is everything that you DON’T want in a wheel!

The face design doesn’t match any modern car. This is a huge issue that people don’t take into account when choosing wheels for their cars. They might be ugly, but they look at home on a Corvette C4 because that’s what they were designed for. Same goes with putting Enkei 92′s on your 2010 Honda Fit… yeah, that shit is ugly and everybody will tell you that. You can call them haters, but the truth is, you’re a trend-whore and lack creativity and imagination.

I feel for you.”

the first car that came to mind after reading this…


  1. About time someone said something. Some cars look ok on saw blades but then everyone started doing it and it was all wtf??

    Also I HATE the c4 it’s the every mans Corvette. Damn near everyone could go out and buy one tomorrow.

    BUT lots of stylish things did come out in the 80s ;)

  2. LilJoe

    ” the REAL reason why you have these wheels is because you want to be trendy and don’t think that you can afford nice wheels.”

    You sir are wrong! I have more money wrapped up in my ems and turbo setup than any set of ccw’s, volks etc etc. The fact that I ran saw blades had nothing to do with me having no money it had a lot more to do with the fact that I liked the wheels and liked the way they looked on my car. Let’s be honest it’s not like you haven’t ran some dog ugly setup’s on your car.

    Oh and plenty of great things came out of the 80′s take a look at 90% of the shit people are wearing now it’s all 80′s stuff.

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