You Mad…

There seems to be a bit of concern regarding the content we share. “Dedicated to the East Coast…” does not mean we can not post material from other parts of the World especially in consideration that it’s usually some epic ride and this is OUR blog lol. I mean this isn’t the first time some angry elf has taken the opportunity to embarrass themselves via the contact form with the belief that they are clever by claiming we are missing our OWN point. Having covered over 30+ meets, shows and cruises within the North East in our first year (which can be seen in the event coverage section) I think it’s safe to say that we are more than fulfilling our duty as an East Coast liaison… Yeah let that soak in a little bit

Now that it’s out in the open bring your attention to Brian Arthus’ new set up. That, uh, I shot. YEEEEEEEE!


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  1. Always a hater. People have to admit you guys do cover a ton of events in the East Coast and no one is paying you guys for it. Its for the love of it. I think credit and respect is due to you guys. The amount of time and effort going to these events gas, tolls, food and other expenses.

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