Artie S13

While I’ve clearly missed the S13, S14, and S15 days (January 3rd-5th), Artie’s Silvia (240sx) is more than qualified for an individual feature on any occasion. Having executed each element of this build on his own with none other than the help of his close friends, the car is the epitome of clean.  Rather than bore you with a excessively descriptive summary on how I first stumbled upon this car or his humble personality, I’ll roll with my writers block and let the images speak for themselves.


  • Brian_Arthus

    I’ve seen this thing in person. So clean.

  • ray

    ahh i love his car so much i tell him everytime i see it lmao



  • scubasteve

    i take full credit of this spot. shot pictures of the s4 here like 2 years ago :)