Wek’Fest 2011 part 1

part 1

Traveling with good company makes all the difference in the World and last weekend wouldn’t be the first testament to that statement. To California and back in one weekend we traveled, East to West, West to East, by plane, train and taxi cab we went. Landing in San Francisco International Friday, we were immediately demoralized by the misfortunate weather but the emotion faded quickly as the weekend promised clear weather for the day of Wek’Fest.


The city hinted towards Wek’Fest with spurts of tuner cars driving about.

Twice we ate at this 50′s inspired diner… The malted shakes and root beer floats did work

We waited hours on this line even after we arrived a half hour early.

But the lot was filled with dime pieces like this RX7

Traffic also filled the hours with some entertainment

Spilner made clear that he hated that Spoon bumper, I’m a fan obviously. Function and form baby ooo oooo!

This S2000 was one of the most comprehensive s2000s I’ve ever laid eyes upon

Euros were present to say the least. This E46 was perfect.


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