The End of a Legacy

It’s a sad day in car culture; as Mike Burroughs creater of Stanceworks, and the infamous “Rusty Slamington” 5 series has broke terrible news.  His pride and joy has been burned in a tragic garage fire.  Our condolances go out to Mike and expect an equally impressive come back.  R.I.P to a legacy that will stay in our memories forever.  No matter if you hated it for its rusty body and super aggressive stance,  I’m sure you could relate if god forbid your pride and joy was taken prematurly from you.  Lets all take a look at what Rusty was.


Photos by Mike Burroughs


  1. brian

    i think i might cry
    and im so happy i had the pleasure of seeing this thing in person lay frame all the way down the strip at h20

  2. Tyler

    Noo, I loved that car. This news shouldn’t bring just sadness though. This is an opportunity to create a new beast. One better than the last. To Mike: I am extremely sorry for your loss, but am excited to see what the future brings. Keep your head up man.

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