Bimmerfest East – Aug 6, 2011

Some Bimmerfest East coverage.

Took a drive to Ripken Stadium down in Aberdeen, MD for Bimmerfest East. Around 1200 cars showed, which made for a decent car turnout. These BMW events are pretty tame — there were no models in bikinis, loud music, or any trouble. In fact, I found myself boogieing my way through the rows of cars to classical renditions of hip-hop tracks such as “Danger” by Mystikal. It was fun, nonetheless, with showings that included older mint condition models like 2002′s and e30′s, hellaflush cars, newer F10′s, rarities like a Z8, and everything else in between. Repping the East Coast BMW community to the fullest.

Can’t wait for next year.

-Brian Choy

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