I am a man of impeccable timing. Just one week prior to departing for Ocean City my center differential decides to let go. No in it’s defense it has been warning me for the past year with it’s constant whine, so suffice it to say it’s been a long time coming. But why now?! The optimistic me says, “At least it didn’t happen 300 miles from home.” But broke, pessimistic me says, “Just my f@#kin’ luck.” My mood isn’t too soured though because, after all, I am heading down to Maryland tomorrow for the festivities. The drive down. The meets and get togethers. The parties. Even the drive home. It’s a weekend I look forward to each year. You get to see friends from all over.  That is, if my car comes together tonight. It’s currently up on jack stands in the garage, nothing too unfamiliar. Parts are expected to arrive today so I am staying positive. It will all work out. So here are a few shots I took last year while I was down there. I am looking forward to capturing a lot more. Myself and Amodeo will have plenty to report on once we return.

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