Holiday Shopping

I had the opportunity to visit a local car dealership this afternoon that I’ve visited a few times. Car shopping, whether it’s for me or not, is always fun to me. Plus, this dealership is pretty unique. Autosport Designs in Huntington Station, NY, is home to Long Island’s (maybe NY’s as well?) only factory authorized Lotus sales and service center. It’s also home to a vast collection of vintage, exotic cars for sale. The facility is beautiful, the staff and owners are enthusiasts and gentlemen, and there’s enough eye candy in their facility to take up a solid day.

Although my attention was occupied by checking out a new Lotus that my friend is interested in, I couldn’t help but admire the auto-porn that was surrounding me. Let me show you what I’m talking about…

If this Exige was in inventory when I was shopping here for one back in the Spring, it would be in my driveway. Perfect. I’m almost tempted to unload the S2000 in favor of this car right now.

If you’re so inclined to visit:
Autosport Designs Inc.
203 West Hills Rd
Huntington Station, NY, 11746

Pictures taken from their website:


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