While I don’t agree, I can sort of understand where the majority of our population is coming from when they say dumping thousands of dollars into a car is an awful investment.  Sure you won’t see that money again but for us car enthusiasts every penny spent comes with an extremely high dividend in the personal enjoyment sector.  However sometimes even we make mistakes by purchasing an unnecessary part or ordering the wrong thing completely.  For myself, purchasing a set of dedicated winter wheels with blizzack’s(the best snow tires money can buy) was appearing to be one of those mistakes given our incredibly mild winter. Until Saturday that is.

All week I had been watching the weather hoping and praying for even a couple inches of powder.  As Thursday dawned upon us my hopes had been confirmed.  Tomorrow, Friday night, would be the day my dreams come true.  In final preparation I removed my carbon fiber front lip and side skirts to ensure they wouldn’t get torn off in the event of a repeat of last years storm and raised the car about an inch.  I was still low, but ready.  Friday night came and went without even the slightest threat of snow.  Had the forecasters screwed us once again with one of their all to common mistakes or were the densely packed clouds simply stuck in some sort of climate traffic jam?  I eventually went to bed disappointed but when I woke up and saw 8 unread text messages from every close friend with an AWD car I knew something was up.  I rolled over, pulled the blinds to uncover what was just outside, peered out my window and there it was, SNOW!

The fourth quarter earnings on my investment had finally come in and just like that I was a millionaire(In that personal enjoyment department I mentioned earlier ;) ).  I hopped out of bed, took the quickest shower of my life and was out the door without so much as a jacket.  My cousin, Ryan, jumped in with me and we were off to the Smith Haven mall to partake in some sideways shenanigans.

When I arrived I was pleasantly surprised.  Entire sections of the enormous parking lot had yet to be touched and it was as smooth as glass.  Being that I’m familiar with this parking lot I knew there were no curbs to worry about and lucky enough for me I wasn’t the only one who chose this destination.  Within a matter of minutes more than 7 cars had shown up ranging from Evo’s to Audi’s and even Max showed up in his Legacy.  It was time to party.

It quickly appeared that I didn’t raise the car enough so after 30 minutes or so it was time to take a break and clear some snow out from behind my front bumper.  During that time security stopped taking photo’s and decided it was time to kick us out.  Not wanting to call it a day we traveled to a state park that was about 20 minutes away.  Obviously we steered away from the main roads and took the curvy route that was predicted to be void of traffic.  It was.

After a couple hours I had managed to burn through 3/4 of a tank of precious e85 so it was time to head back.  I left Max with a parting gift and decided to head home where hot chocolate and fresh, out of the oven brownies were waiting for me.  All and all it ended up being one of the best weekends since the summer.  It was everything I had been waiting for and on the list of fun ways to spend my afternoon this without a doubt falls in my top 3.  While the thought of selling my precious Subaru to upgrade into a Porsche or a GT-R has crossed my mind a bunch of times, it’s safe to say this weekend has ensured at least a few more months before that thought reoccurs.  It’s time for me to get back to work but I’ll leave you with a few parting shots, which were all taken by professional photographer Will Mayer for his company Primary Visions.  Enjoy your week!

-Matt Henderson


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