The Big Boys

The North east might not be very popular with the high horse power heavy hitters like Texas and Florida are,  but i can tell you personally that we can sure hold our own.  This past Sunday was an example, when i got a text from a good friend saying there’s a Porsche that wants to take his recently acquired crown back from him as the fastest street car around.  So i grabbed the camera and headed out to watch the battles unfold.

The Defending champ…

Joe’s Boost Logic/Ivey tune Gtr

… and the contender

Eddie’s JBE built motor big turbo 997tt


who doesnt love the smell of racegas in the morning

some of the cars that came to watch and hang out.



Now your obviously asking, “well who won!”,  although Joe and his Gtr did pull ahead at the end, it was the closest thing i have ever seen.  That P-car is fast. But grudge matches aside,  these two guys are true gentleman.  Win or lose both love going fast and commend anyone who can even hang with them.  In this group there is no cockyness or hating,  just a bunch of cool guys hanging out and going fast.



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