I’ll skip the song and dance that’s become almost standard with my posts, the one that talks about how hard I’ve been working or how successful I plan on being because, during a recent conversation with Mr. FRENCH himself, I vowed that my next post wouldn’t involve yet another modified super car and a write up regarding my future automotive plans.  While I had every intention of scouring the internet for something different, in the 15 spare minutes I had set aside to introduce something new to you guys and gals, as fate would have it this Gallardo  found me and I couldn’t simply let it slide.  It’s just too perfect. Time’s up! Later.

_Matt Henderson



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  1. turbie

    I’ve been following your site for quite a bit now and what you most frequently write about is all about how you want to be successful, etc. Not a bad thing actually, sharing what drives you but this is a car site and not a motivational/ ‘I want to be successful’/ Oprah Winfrey type, no?

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