Konstant Effort

Flashback to spring 2002 (blurry fade-in effect), Alex Karmaniolos is driving his 1991 Nissan 240sx hatch, presumably to a Greek festival. A drunk driver on the opposite side of the road decides she doesn’t care much for Greek festivals (or 240s) and jumps the divider, hitting Alex head-on, and wrecking his beloved project car. Walking out unscathed, Alex proceeds to sob into his pillow for 3 months for his picnic bench spoiler, color coded vacuum lines, and various other ricer modifications. To give you an idea of how much Alex loved this car, he even kept the picnic bench spoiler in his shed for years to come. None the less, driving a hand-me-down Ford Bronco and then a Pontiac Grand am, Alex decided that his pride had suffered enough, and that he couldn’t live without another 240 in his life. Flash forward to summer 2002 (let’s add a glittery sound to the fade-in this time), despite the urging of his family to enter 240sx rehab, Alex travels to North Carolina to pick up to pick up his new 1997 240sx.

From car meets, to parking lot drifting, to watching Japanese Anime on a ricey in-dash DVD player, Alex quickly fell in love with his new car, and they eloped shortly after (don’t tell Cindy, Wife). As with most working tuners, the 240 was modified over a period of time and Alex started with your basic bolt-on modifications including intake, exhaust, lightened drive train, coil-overs and wheels. The car ran great, winning multiple awards at car shows, and they were blissfully happy in their new marriage until Alex got his ass kicked by a 1989 Ford Taurus SHO, and again cried into his pillow for 3 months. At this point Alex decided it was time for something drastic, and despite the urging of 99.99% of the tuning scene to go SR20, Alex decided that he just didn’t like the number 20, and would instead go KA-T (turbo truck motor). The first turbo setup was a modest build on the stock block with a T3T4, controlled by an A’PEXi SAFC II and making 280WHP. They say all good things come to an end, and although this setup was reliable for a long time, the motor eventually gave out, and SR20 enthusiast around the world celebrated for 30 days and 30 nights.

Alex proceeded to blow a built KA crate motor (user error… oops), before deciding to have a motor custom-built by 240sxmotoring in Connecticut. At this point the 240 was no longer a daily driver, so Alex decided to go for a more serious build, adding a Haltech EMS, a Precision 6262 turbo and even a set of Volk TE37s and Endless brakes to slow everything down. Flash forward past countless 3 month pillow sobbing sessions (add your own sound effect), and this current setup makes 410WHP 412TQ at 18lbs on pump gas, which is a low boost setting meant to keep everything in one piece for a long time to come. Alex is shady about his high boost numbers, but since the only time he brings the 240 out is to spray wax, do a quick burnout and take pictures, you don’t really have to worry. Plus, these days Alex is married to Cindy, a very patient woman who agreed to become a polygamist in order to marry both Alex and the 240 in October 2011 (don’t believe me? Look at their wedding pictures). Any married man knows that it won’t be long before the kids are in the garage scratching the hell out of the 240 with their tricycle handlebars, and despite that horrifying mental picture, most folks would kill for a setup like this sitting in their garage. One final note: Ford Taurus SHOs around the world should sleep with one eye open.

Chris Cramer
Konstant Design
Alexander Karmaniolos
516 537 6011

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