Journey to Automotive Mecca: Wek’Fest San Francisco 2012 Part 1

As much as we enjoy New York’s finest automobiles there’s something special about California’s tuning community and what better way to experience it than Wek’Fest’s O.G. San Francisco show. Having went last year purely to spectate and appreciate, this year we made an all out effort to cover the event in detail.

We arrived on Thursday and the time zone transition was pacified by strong cocktails and dark beers. If you follow me on instagram (@fyeahfrench) you’ll already have an idea of the massacre that ensued. Aimlessly we lapped the city most of that first day targeting spots that looked appealing by sight rather than seek assistance from the Yelp App. Having 4+ sets of photos to share I’ll save the rest of the tale for tomorow.


Rotiform 964

Loved this VIP Q45. It’s sunroof was stained wood.

Honda Tuning editor, Rodrez, getting technical

I’d love to see this M5 on a track. derp.

Clean bays for days!

This picture does not to this S justice but take it from an s2000 aficionado

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