Journey to Automotive Mecca: Wek’Fest San Francisco 2012 Part 2

When we visited San Francisco last year we were plagued with poor weather. This year though, mother natured showcased her beauty and blessed us with 4 days of comfortable temperatures and blue skies. With 3 days to burn before the well-known Wek’Fest SF 2012 show we laced up and just walked the first day but on that second day we referred to a more modern approach at traveling, Yelp! In New York Yelp isn’t as popular but in California, woo, you guys are awesome with that app. Hitting a bunch of the “hip” spots such as the Rogue Ales Public House, the Irish Bank and a number of boutiques in North Beach, I can say with confidence that San Francisco treated us with “respect.”


if you’re on S2ki this S2000 should look familiar as so much time, money and effort has been poured into it.

This TSX had me scouring the web for deals as soon as I got home, kudos.

I’m such a fan boy… gorgeous NA1 NSX on Advan Model 5′s.

Illest was their hustling T’s with their Rauh-Welt Porsche on display. Bought ‘em all! haha

Why so serious!? Amuse S2000 in it’s classic livery, white.

It’s nice to see an S14 not beat to shit from drifting :drool: me gusta : boner:

People always sweat Liberty VIP over on the B’east Coast but having been to Wek’Fest SF twice I guess you can say they ignant!

VIP modular wheels on a 350z (Z33) just killing it.

This things paint was god awful up close but you know what? bc racekor! fyl

…lap of luxury

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