Mint Lyfe Release Party

It has been nearly two years since I’ve earned my Bachelors from business school and life has taken on a very interesting direction. With a degree in marketing, most would be under the impression that I’d suit up and write copy in some hole for an unappreciative superior but rather than do so I’ve had the luxury to pursue more exciting ventures far from the trenches of Manhattan or any marketing firm for that matter.

Mint Lyfe, a fresh streetwear label, encourages the pursuit of one’s dreams. Priding themselves on details and perseverance, you’ll often find their collections relating to personal experiences and current events versus reinventing other streetwear brands designs (speaking to the designs of a majority of autoblogs merchandise). Having the opportunity to meet Eric Steinberg, Mint Lyfe’s creative and owner, personally, a feeling of relief consumed me seeing his thoughts and aspirations fulfilled at the debut party.


An open bar catalyzed Sneaker Bistros patrons as we all appreciated the collection

Mopped a bunch of these up

OGO (Odd Guy Out) navigating through SneakerBistro seals.

Promo pieces



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