Island Import Day 2012/ Bishnu Memorial Meet

In all honesty I’ll commend the Island Import team on organizing*, I guess if you can call it that, the largest, most disorganized meet I’ve ever attended, as there was a plethora of eyesores to even suggest this be a show.  Initially I had planned to write something related to the size of the local tuner community, however the opportunity to reflect on the day in full had focused my attention on to other interesting subjects.

Planning  a meet the day after Saint Patrick’s Day takes some nerve. Don’t get me wrong I’m no lush whatsoever but truth be told I did find myself the evening… and the day… before if you want to be particular, indulging in libations, thus resulting in a filthy S2000. I know because an individual addressed how I failed to wash my car upon entry, as if I didn’t know?

Arriving early to the meet, which is huge feat in its own considering most of the caravan was 30 mins tardy to the rendezvous point, including myself, we parked accordingly. Except for Amodei, he cracked a spoke on his recently acquire CSTs so he opted to drive there on a stocker and swap it out for the broken wheel earlier.

Spilner’s absence was  noticed as hiarch-nemesis was present looking proper.

Some familiars and a furry friend

Local Celeb Chris Amodei and Brian Arthus lurking in the back

E disgusted with everything. WekFest effect…

And then I came across these two buried CRXs.

Gum was also removed by this Mr2

All in all the meet attracted  a eclectic group of tuners but an event like this makes one very much appreciate the efforts put into well structured shows like Honda Day, Wicked Big Meet and all of the euro shows I’ve attended.


some other highlights


  1. ivleague

    don’t do something and not expect to receive criticism. I’ve covered a considerable amount of meets/shows/races/bbq’s etc and with the amount of time and hype surrounding the day i expected it to be more organized. just makes you appreciate the effort put into the bigger events that’s all. like i said i had a good time regardless

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