Mark Tingey’s Jetta Coupe

Months ago, when I felt that IvyLeagueEast could use a facelift, I reached out via our Facebook in search of some new blood. After a number of qualified responses, few of those were able to take advantage of the opportunity. One New Yorker, Charles Clay, an individual who although couldn’t commit due to scholastic demands, was a photographer that showed tremendous potential.

While at school his automotive interests haven’t altered, he recently touched based with me to share his buddies Jetta. Upon first site I wasn’t very impressed with the coupe, little did I know this car was purchased from it’s original owner in shit condition lol you’d never know.

“The car sat for two years,” said the OG and given the high-mileage (240,000 miles) he, himself even doubted Mark Tingey would buy it. Mechanically, it was inoperable, from what I was told by Charles. After a semester of rebuilding by Mark, the coupe soon found itself in front of Charles’ lens.


see the rest of the set here

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