Dubs on Defrost 2012

It’s incredibly difficult not to credit the VAG community with founding the Hellaflush fitment movement. While some may suggest that drifters are the origin of the stance trend, attendance at any Volkswagen-Audi event argues otherwise and such was the case at my first Dubs on Defrost last weekend.

Driving an S2000 seemed rude and unwelcomed to DOD, having heard stories related to previous years, but with the help of Brian Arthus I secured a ride in his MK1″luxury” sedan. Being low and slow denied the idea of limboing around  the Long Island Sound to Connecticut, at the 8AM we found ourselves waiting in queue at the Port Jefferson Ferry. The tide ultimately decided how smooth the transition was to board the vessel. But our luck ran short as the tide was higher than expected. Arthus’ bests driving could barely get us on the ship as it required two attempts. The first attempt resulting in a torn exhaust. (Ferry 1- Exaust 0)

Me being one of those excessively late individuals at this leisurely activities it was bizarre having arrived early and seeing the lot three-quarters full. Unlike, most functions the lot was packed with a majority of cars worth showing. I am saying eighty percent presented a photo worthy stance. Whether the wheels were cast or forged as a replica one thing was certain, the fitment was appropriate.


I swear if another one of my friends names their dog Bently…

This Evo had some serious clearance issues, kudos you must have huge balls

Ralph and Brian thuggin’, YO!

Mk3′s didn’t seem to have much presence. Perhaps I’ve become numb to their existence? Regardless, this gem caught my eye

“Oh shawwwwrreeee!”

Quan Du’s leggy

“Wood grain im grippin”

Aired out Mini

Party Foul


Pat’s Mk4 hurting feelings on his VIP Modular wheels
RB20′d 180sx (240sx)
Dope STi… I mean Speed3. derp lol
People were fiending over this Hawkeye wagon on Roriform NUE’s.
Rich and his EuroTuner feature

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