Experience: Summit Point, West Virginia,3 Shenandoah Circuit HPDE with Riesentoter PCA

Last weekend E and I lapped Shenandoah Circuit, Summit Point, West Virgina with the skillful RTR PCA (Porsche Club of America). The course was unbelievably technical which leveled the playing field for momentum contenders and high horse power titans. After finding my rhythm, I came across a 997 GTS on R-Compound tires. The “red midst” consumed me knowing the distinction of the car in pursuit. The result was unfavorable as my inexperience drove me into an oversteer situation I couldn’t get myself out of and into a wall. LMFAO Party Foul! Live and learn. Win some, lose some. (Insert some moral-esque quote)


video with me crashing at the end… derp

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