At this point in the game, the stance scene, the fitment scene, whatever you want to call it; there are cars that come along that tend to stir up strong feelings. Mike DeMarco’s 91 CRX seems to be one of those cars. If you are a local you have probably seen this thing at meets, usually with the flat green battle CRX. From its seemingly undriveable ride height and spare parts bin turbo swap, this Honda has more than meets the eye.

DeMarco trekked on with his build even after a tree decided to get a closer look during a hurricane last winter. A carbon fiber front end was added to the car via Seibon fenders and a VIS hood. An Si front lip and a Mugen CF rear spoiler finish off the body mods you can see. What you can’t see are the reinforced and plated frame rails underneath the car to strengthen the unibody. The suspension was refreshed with some camber arms and lower control arms to achieve that beloved (hated?) rear fitment. The rollers are a set of (now discontinued) chrome Diamond Racing Steelies with 15×8 inch dimensions with a 165/45 Federal tire. A set of genuine Bride seats are set inside for both driver and passenger to plant their rears on.

After going through a few exhausts whilst running the NA power plant it was decided a turbo setup would allow for more ground clearance utilizing an exhaust dump right off the turbo. A spare Mitusbishi turbo and side mount were put to good use and no longer would the car be losing cat-backs to those pesky NY roads.

At the time I am writing this, I believe the car is in pieces being prepared for its next iteration. Expect some new wheels and maybe a new power plant.

Keep your eyes peeled,

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