Wicked Big Meet!

Once a year the biggest Subaru event in the country is held at Stafford Springs raceway, appropriately named “Wicked Big Meet”, which attracts Subaru enthusiasts from all over the country.  My weekend began Saturday afternoon when I drove from my home on Long Island to Connecticut and met up with my good friend and world famous playboy, Alan Miller.  We grabbed some lunch and before I could even get settled headed straight up to Glastonbury for an evening loaded with 1 liners, ab creating laughs and relaxation.

After a short trip we arrived, backed into the VIP parking spot at Rooftop 120, a super upscale lounge that almost instantly reminded me of the Manhattan sky bars I’m familiar with, and met up with EFI Logics owner and great friend , Chris Kiewert.  Jenna, whom is certainly the most intelligent and attractive woman I’ve ever met, took great care of us all night.  Make sure you ask for her and TIP WELL the next time you stop in!  But being that we had an early morning ahead of us we packed up and headed back to casa de Chris for some much needed sleep.

The following morning came abruptly.  We had to be there at 7:30am so like the responsible adults we are decided to roll out of bed at 7:45 and begin our 50min drive to the track.  Everything was operating smoothly throughout the morning but late in the afternoon we had the opportunity to do exactly what the best shop on the east coast should do.. Take Over!  The track was cleared for a short photo session which naturally turned into prolonged lapping.  There was no way we could simply hardpark a bunch of race cars, take a picture, and drive off!  The crowd was electrified and the event ended on the highest note imaginable.  Have a great week and check out the EFI Logics FaceBook page for more photo’s!

-Matt Henderson



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