Original Sin

The scene is buzzing right now by the recent move of European tuning company Vogue Auto Design VAD to replicate the e-famous styling cues of Rauh-Welt (RWB) for their own gain.

If you haven’t heard, VAD recently went to great lengths to build Europe’s first RWB signature 993 Porsche 911, including hosting RWB founder and creator Nakai San on their side of the pond. After only a month of ownership, VAD sold the creation Nakai gave birth to, and low and behold; VAD just released a new Porsche 993 body kit, the “REVENGER.”

If originality is the art of concealing your source, VAD are a bunch of hacks.

I’m anxiously waiting a response from VAD in regards to the accusations against them. I wonder if there was a story behind it. Maybe there’s a reason the kit is called the “REVENGER?” Unfortunately for VAD, the internet has no jury.

In many people’s eyes, this is a huge slap in the face not only to Nakai San, but his backers including RWB proponent and RWB-USA co-founder Mark Arcenal, who took to his own blog/Facebook page Hellaflush to voice his opinion and disgust. Seeing people’s reactions to the news is disappointingly reflective of the scene today.

Photo courtesy: Hellaflush Facebook

Although many share Mark’s concerns, an equal number of people see no problem with VAD’s move. I’m not sure if people are numbed to this type of blatant plagiarism by the practices of companies such as Rota Wheels, or there is a complete absence of morals shared by this group.

What are your thoughts? Was Gordon Gecko right when he said “Greed is good?” Or is there no room left for originality in an industry driven by competition and low prices?



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  1. Jonny lee

    Hi how is it a rip off rwb copied gt2 evo so how wuld that be a ripoff because it has wide arches ive read there blog rwb are a disgrace 3 mm spacer upon spacers they are lucky there is no tuv like here in germany its a disgrace vad have produced a car that has no issues mark arcenal how can you call this company a copy when your company logo illest is a complete knock off of the well known golf ball manufature titlest. What an idiot he is

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