Gov’t Cheese, Ed’s e36 M3

Today I bring you my good friend, Ed Whitbeck’s E36 M3. Ed recently moved from Long Island to Maryland to pursue a new government job, and in the process, parted ways with his 30r powered STi. It wasnt long before Ed knew he needed a new toy. After looking at dozens of e36 M3′s, and one heck of a road trip, he finally found one that fit his criteria. With that, I bring you Ed’s gorgeous E36 BMW M3.

-Ken Miller

-UUC Pulleys
-UUC Catback
-Ground Control Coilovers
-Ground Control Camber Plates
-10mm Spacers on all 4
-BBS Style 5 (RC 090) 17×8 + 20 Wheels (Wheels off an E39)
-ZKW Headlights and Euro Tails

Photo Credit: Ed Whitbeck.


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