Finishing off the season right

As the track season comes to a close, I sadden to think I have to wait 8 months to hammer around the circuit again.   As I craved one last hoo-ra before the season came to a close, I joined NARRA for their Watkins Glen event.  For anyone who has been to The Glen knows how World class this venue is.  Arguably the best track in the North East,  I knew I had to make the six hour drive.    Coincidentally, this event was also the final championship race for the Viper Cup and SRT class,  as well as the NARRA Time Trials.  THe mix of race cars and weekend worriers made the weekend one of the best for a track junkie like me.  With the smell of race gas in the air, I was ready to put my laps in around this amazing circuit.

This would be my first track event in my newly acquired Honda S2000.  In search of a more track minded yet reliable ride, I sold my beloved Sti, bought this hot rod and never looked back.  With hearing the hype and having friends personally experiencing the agility of Honda’s convertible sports car, I knew it was a step in the right direction.  Honestly, this thing is amazing.  Hands down the best track/street car for the money and arguably the most fun you can have with 200hp.

As the sun warmed the track, my attention quickly turned to the thunder coming from the garages.  I was like a kid in a candy store…a very expensive candy store that is.  What I saw next was nothing short of stunning. Pristine race cars being prepared for battle.

The Glen treated me well all that weekend.  It’s a weekend I will never forget and hope to replicate in the near future.  If you’re contemplating joining a track event, don’t think, just do.  Winter is time to buy your track pads and tires. In closing, I expect you all to be out there truly enjoying the engineering of your “racekor” and modifications next Spring.


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