Hero Circuit Club at Watkins Glen 2013

I’ve heard it all from bench racers as to why they never make it to the track or how they could yet don’t. Tracking has its expenses, I can’t say it doesn’t but given all the other unorganized means of pushing your car to the limit I would say the value is there considering the cost of tickets or the seat time to cost ratio.

Last weekend, Watkins Glen played host to Hero Circuit Club‘s (HCC) second destination of the year and of course we ante’d up. Personally, I was unable to iron out the finer details of the NA Miata I’ve been tinkering with after last years wreck, so E, Augie and I went to cover the event in support of Dirty,Frank Millan and Mike Oromaner of HCC.

Moderate temperatures and dry weather complemented cars performance modifications and drivers were able to pilot their “pride and joys” to new track records! With that said I’d like to extend the invitation to you to HCC‘s next outing at NJMP June 7-9th, 2013.




HCCwatkins50 HCCwatkins45 HCCwatkins46 HCCwatkins43 HCCwatkins42 HCCwatkins40 HCCwatkins38 HCCwatkins36 HCCwatkins35 HCCwatkins30 HCCwatkins32 HCCwatkins26 HCCwatkins8 HCCwatkins12 HCCwatkins5 HCCwatkins6 HCCwatkins4 HCCwatkins2 HCCwatkins1



HCCwatkins88 HCCwatkins85 HCCwatkins84 HCCwatkins81 HCCwatkins80 HCCwatkins77 HCCwatkins76 HCCwatkins75HCCwatkins78

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