As the month of March rolls around everyone in the know converges to one place in the nation, Houston ,Texas.  Every year this great city plays host to what many consider the “Superbowl of street racing.”

DSC_0123M&S Performance representing the north east!

The fastest cars in the country come to hang out, bench race and race for real.  Cars from shops such as Underground Racing, Boost Logic and Ivey Tune come to represent and see who has the fastest car around.

With many cars boasting horsepower well into the thousands, it’s hard to believe they can still be considered “street cars”.  The weekend isn’t just  host to night time shenanigans, there exists a handful of events held at near by tracks.  Quarter mile drag racing, 1500 foot roll racing and a dyno day keep the crowd and drivers busy.  Needless to say, the four days I was in the great state was an unforgettable experience.  Sitting here reminiscing I can almost smell the race gas that came from seemingly every car that passed.  If any of you love raw, unadulterated horse power, you have to make the trip down to Tx2k.

- F.Millan

DSC_0106Red Sled hiding a TT LSX

DSC_0113Race gas on race gas…

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