Roller City

This past weekend, I made the trip up to Connecticut from the Island to attend Dubs On Defrost 7. I had the full intention of shooting the vast assortment of what this once mostly Volkswagen show had to offer but I seemingly failed. I find photographing things at these GTG car shows to be a nuisance more than a pleasure. Everything is packed in so tightly, making things difficult [for me]. Yes, I know this is a poor excuse but I am lazy; I can’t deny that. It’s something I am working on.  That being said, please don’t let my poor attitude and general apathy be a put down on the show. I assure you, it is not. With it’s new location, this year’s DOD was the largest to date. The weather was a pleasant change from the recent rain we’ve been having in the northeast and the excitement of the oncoming season was in the air.

Seeing all of my friends, some for the first time in months, was the best part for me. Walking into a small bar in Brookfield, CT the evening beforehand to find that 40 of the 50 people inside are people you know does nothing short of putting a huge smile on your face. Hugs and handshakes were exchanged. Libations were consumed. The summer was just on the horizon.

The following morning several of us met up at Coupes & Co., a buddy’s aptly named garage, to wash a few cars and coalesce for the cruise to Bristol. On the hour long journey, I managed to click off a few rolling shots in between dodging potholes and navigating the high seas of crowned roads that the state of Connecticut likes to call Interstate 84. They ended up being the only photos I took that day. Enjoy.







Bailey approves.



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