Northeast Racer Profile: Mike Sousa


In the North East, the NASA GTS class is growing like the San Diego wild fire (Too soon?).  With the E46 platform getting cheaper and its proven speed on the race track, many are flocking to the chassis and running in GTS3.  Therefore, creating openings in GTS2 with the popular BMW E36, an even better value for grass roots racers.

Mike Sousa, no stranger to racing nor winning, is one individual who has joined the cut throat GTS2 class. Previously competing in the Performance Touring B (PTB) class in a Subaru RS, he joins the field in a new to him E36 325.  Qualifying as the pole position in the last three races of the NASA series he’s established himself as a serious contender in the series whom has also set  the class lap record at NJMP Lighting course back in April. A feat that permits one to say say hes comfortable in his new steed. None of it came with out hiccups as all plans are meant to be broken.

Sousa built the car himself in the garage with the help of his friends- Good friends are hard to find.  Beginning with a complete cage in the 325. He then proceeded to swap an S52 from a donor M3.  For dampers he sourced a set of JRZ double adjustable coil-overs and Turner motorsports’ sway bars to keep that sloppy body roll in check.  Making it all stick to the pavement are 245/40/17 BF Goodrich R1-S race slicks and AJ Heartman aero front and rear.

The car is more than prepared to win and Mike Sousa is up to the task of making it do so.  For anyone with access to the NASA Northeast races, make an effort to go watch the races.  They’ve never been better.





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