Third Annual Exotic Car Show at Insignia Prime Steak & Sushi

Exotics Rally is regarded as the areas premier exotic event hosts and The 3rd Annual Exotic Car Show at Insignia, Prime Steak & Sushi, was no exception to their reputation.

The smell of cigars, fuel and perfume set the ambience for the roll-in which was complemented by a picturesque sunset and a symphony of international V8, V10 and in some rare cases, V12 exotic exhaust notes from those eagerly waiting for parking directions to be communicated by collared valet staff. Much like any car meet, cheers and jeers were exchanged for those willing to showcase their pride and joy’s performance on the immediate crossroad.

I canvased the lot photographing as much as I could before the setting sun created light challenges for my DSLR. The evening wound down as those with reservations for dinner began to be sat and although the gentlemen at Elite Motorsports had offered to buy me dinner, a kind gesture undoubtedly, I had made prior engagements.












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