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TV Party

What could be more un-IvyLeagueEast-esque than some TV destruction


East Coast Bash 2013

With a handful of pros including Gittin, Forsberg and Tuerck ; clubs such as Club Loose, RoadParty, Island Slide, StunnrStatus, Outsliders and Breaking from Canada in attendance, the East Coast Bash had all the ingredients for an memorable event. As…


Here & Now

  The transformation of Tyler’s car has been mind boggling. From a shell years ago to a fully built turbocharged monster, this car has had many phases. From the early days of an RB20 to today’s phase of the RB30,…


Spring Fling

Limerock, a reputable race track in the beautiful mountains of Northwest Connecticut. On a usual race day there are Porches, Ferrari’s, Corvette’s, kit cars you name it’s here. However this time around not so much. The sounds of cars racing…


East Coast Bash

A burn out is something that is often over looked. Usually, exercised as a way to garner negative attention in parking lots, this burning of tire when combined with high-speed, controlled sliding is entertaining at the least. Last weekend, Englishtown…


Simplicity Is Key

In the current 240 game, many people think of the same thing. A kitted, slammed car that has some sort of functionality in between. The true inner beauty of a non-kitted car is hard to come across these days. Meet Travis, he…