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Ivy League East Fall Meet

In spite of Hurricane Sandy, the Nor’Easter days prior and the gas crisis that plagued pumps across Long Island, the Fall Meet was a success. Temperatures were on the rise and the Sun showed faced though the grey skies last…


Spring Fever- Stu’s 350z

Summer is quickly approaching and Winter build releases have been rampant. Release here, release there. Some worth attention, most not. Stu’s Z has been under the knife for as long as I can remember and it’s finally seeing the asphalt….

IvyLeagueEast CANZiti Meet

Being that it has been some time since our last meet we felt compelled to host another before the Summer’s end and what better location than CANZiti, a new Hooters-type restaurant. FRENCH

Winning 350z

There is something about a good looking car that catches everyones attention and at that moment not a single f$%& is given. Whether it be a small child, a gorgeous girl or gentleman pushing his beater daily it’s a minute…

Understood 350z

For most of my teenage years tuning cars meant going fast ONLY. Speed came first and the sound systems and bodykits competed for second. The only respectable racing existed on the streets and my idols were fictional characters from the…

Dumb Low 350z

Recently, I’ve been adding a number of videos to ILE and I couldn’t be happier with the response but it’s bizarre that folks feel the urge to instigate or attempt to at least in the comment section. A few weeks…

Wakeup Call.

Since most of you probably don’t even read what we write, here’s a Monday morning compilation for you to enjoy. Rant free. Unwatermarked photo credit: Unknown. E-mail us for credit! -spilner  

Cover Up: Ralph’s Italian Ice Meet

The moment we committed to hosting a meet on Saturday all elements seemed to stack against us. Pressed for time and a rainy forecast, we expected the worst and hoped for the best. Shortly before 2pm, the other contributors to…