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Gold Coast Concours / BimmerStock 2014

The Gold Coast Concours/Bimmerstock event, presented by Martino Auto Concepts/MAC Auto Couture of Glen Cove, NY, was a showcase hundreds of exotics and BMWs and thousands of spectators to fund raise for the cure-focused work of the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI).

It’s Official! The 458 Spider!

The new 458 Spider joins the 458 Italia, widening the range of Ferrari’s mid-rear engined V8s and offering the same uncompromising technological solutions, handling and performance in a refined open-top configuration. It is equipped with a Ferrari patented, fully retractable…

You Can’t Hang.

Last night after a pretty disturbing phone call compliments of the one who always complains for a shout out, I decided to go out to a local meet and clear my head. Upon arriving, I met up with a bunch…

Stay Classy.

A fairly common debate that takes place between my friends and I is whether or not a 360 spider would be a worthwhile investment. Yeah they’re kinda dated and sure they’re not very fast, but are these cars still cool?…..

Street Justice

What motivates you to succeed? Perhaps a twin turbo 458 Italia? FRENCH