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Manly Miata

I found this in a “Grown Man Fitment Thread.” I think this Miata qualifies. -French

Sweet and Low

This Evo is slammed on and fit with aggressive Rotas which we all no isn’t everyones cup-a-tea. But, disregard your wheel aficionado back ground for a moment and just appreciate how sweet and low the owner pushes it. -french wheel…

Cause You Look So Good

:T-Pain Synthesized Voice: haha I was saving this for tomorrow but since I am already distracted I’ll give you a little something to think about before you throw in the towel for the evening. Always stirring up a battle between the…

VIP Maxima

Joey over at The Chronicles must be professor X when he wrote, “I’ve been waiting for someone to do one of these new Maximas up…looks great!…” because those were my exact thoughts. Thumbs up for who ever broke the ice….

Miata, MX-5, Eunos Roadster…. You Get it

The Mazda Miata is often considered one of the most feminine vehicles today by many car enthusiasts whether it may be from it’s miniature size or it’s popularity with the ladies (false stereotype because most of time I see middle…