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Not Dead!!

Yeah it’s been awhile since my last post.  But let’s start with these s2000 posts again -Chris Amodei     To make things better…. I finally got myself another s2000  

Wek’Fest 2011 part 1

part 1 Traveling with good company makes all the difference in the World and last weekend wouldn’t be the first testament to that statement. To California and back in one weekend we traveled, East to West, West to East, by…

Cause Matt had to say something…

I’ve been posting a lot of S2000 content lately and Spilner had to say something about it but damn Alexisthemovie is KILLING IT!!!!!!! -Chris Amodei-

I Need Another!!!

I’m back on my S2000 phase again. And looking all over S2ki, I can’t help but to go into the classifides section and look for a new one.. -Chris Amodei-

Why So Serious?

Alexisthemovie, formally known as Alex Zhao, is always pushing the envelope. This time he exchanges his Ap2 front fascia for an Amuse GT1 widebody set up. F_R_E_N_C_H an older version

Saw Blades

As a fan of AlexistheMovie’s S2000, the Maserati green AP1 with nonconventional fitment, I wanted to be one of the first to support his new venture, WheelFlip.com. Although it’s not 100% at the moment, he has taken an opportunity to…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

You’re drunk already and you’re seeing 3 of everything. Fortunately, having your vision impaired will permit you to see  multiples of this wild s2000 and perhaps get you in bed with a dime who is actually a 3, but will…

Promises, Promises, Promises (3LW)

Plans, unfortunately, were meant to be broken. We intended to have the photos from yesterdays festivities up early today but due to the beautiful weather we got a little preoccupied. Bare with us as we are burning the mid-night oil in…