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Rendered: Voltex S2000

Voltex’s S2000 kit was well received but due to exorbitant costs your chances of  actually seeing it on the street or even the track are slim. With the advancement of modern technology one can enjoy the appeal of JDM minus…


It all started out with going to the Captree car show. Usually a bunch of vettes and an older crowd. Unfortunately it was a bit cold for those guys to bring out their Ferrari’s, Lambo’s and Porsche’s. But there was…

Feel The Heat: New Formula Red Amuse S2000

I’ll go ahead and say it, red is the fastest color : D. In my defense, this Ap1 S2000 dressed in full Amuse GT1 widebody kit, CE28s and Mugen wing looks super fast and the Sierra-Sierra Evo and HKS CT230R…

JDM Style: Function and Form

In a new and developing thread on S2ki, members have been submitting pictures of “true” JDM style S2000s, that is one whose form is derived from a functional perspective with a appearance that would be competitive in any show contest….

Not Dead!!

Yeah it’s been awhile since my last post.  But let’s start with these s2000 posts again -Chris Amodei     To make things better…. I finally got myself another s2000  

Wek’Fest 3, The Video!

Without further delay, I bring you my personal Wek’Fest 3 video. You can see cameos by Spilner, Nitty on the Beat, AlexisTheMovie (Alex Zhao) and others. FRENCH

Heat Seeker

I was never really a fan of the Charge Speed widebody kit for the S2000 but the Seeker S wears it well competing against the Arvou AP1. Clearly you need Craft Square mirrors to be taken seriously on the track…