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Cause Matt had to say something…

I’ve been posting a lot of S2000 content lately and Spilner had to say something about it but damn Alexisthemovie is KILLING IT!!!!!!! -Chris Amodei-

Slow work day.

Damn it’s slow here today. And S2ki.com is owning my life right now -Chris Amodei-


Here’s one beautiful S2000 on CCW Classic’s, they’re so played, yet look so good. Props to who ever owns this car!! -Chris Amodei-


:Sigh: With an infinite number of hellaflush, stance and fitment blogs existing and emerging, the trend/style has nearly become a necessity among tuners. In all honesty, the look has lost its charm and the search for that next something is…

Battled S2K

Here is a more recent picture of the MB battle equipped AP1 S2000. I’m super pumped the snow fall hasn’t stuck around these parts. FRENCH

I’m Saying…

I saw it coming. After recognizing drifters utilizing different front and rear wheels as drift spares and such it only seemed like a matter of time before this trend was going to be adopted amongst the show and street tuners…

Best Season.

The fall season is here, and leaves are changing over. So why not go out and shoot. Here’s a shot of Joey Balls car I found on S2ki.. (Photo: Joey Balls) -Chris Amodei-

I Need Another!!!

I’m back on my S2000 phase again. And looking all over S2ki, I can’t help but to go into the classifides section and look for a new one.. -Chris Amodei-