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Test of Time

Take this in with a “pinch of salt.” The E46 used to blend well with all cars modern and relevant but with time and the debut of the E92 m3 the predecessor is beginning to show its wrinkles. With respect…


Every now and again I visit ThePerfectExposure and to this day I have yet to be let down.  The amount of insanely cool cars this man gets to photograph on a monthly basis is absolutely ridiculous.  Allow me to share with you…


Something about a German performance vehicle laced with Japanese wheels gets my blood pumping… in a good way. Laguna Seca Blue m3 on white concave Volk TE37s :crowd goes wild: FRENCH

Sorry Chris!

That BMW was gorgeous in every aspect of the word, but in response to your s2k post I had to drop the race car bomb on you. BOOM!! -spilner

Can’t stop drooling….

This thing defines the word “dope”…… Built by IND Distribution -Chris Amodei- MOD LIST- BMW Motorsport M3 GT4 Front lip BMW M3 Edition front grilles BMW M3 Edition side grilles with IND tinted LED BMW Motorsport tow strap ESS Tuning…

“What Are You NEW!?”

If you’ve been following us since the beginning you may have noticed some repetition in our recent posts. No, this isn’t a new strategy to help us climb the Google ranks but a sign that great cars don’t expire. That…

Daily Low’er

My recent employment has me on the prowl for a daily driver, something more spacious and comfortable than the S which is pretty much everything besides a Miata or Lotus lol. The 2 mile commute doesn’t necessarily require it but…

Say Ugh Nananana

It’s important to add a little variety to the mix now and then to keep things interesting. After sharing the death defying 350z yesterday, this M3 and I crossed passed and it was “love at first sight.” UGH NANANANA FRENCH…

Can you say perfect?

My brother had found this on Canibeat.com and had then sent it to me.. and to me this thing is perfect in every way possible. End of discussion. Photos by: ez4lf.net -Chris Amodei-


Vorsteiner GTRS3 Widebody. Triple Rainbow! -spilner