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Stay Classy.

A fairly common debate that takes place between my friends and I is whether or not a 360 spider would be a worthwhile investment. Yeah they’re kinda dated and sure they’re not very fast, but are these cars still cool?…..

R Thirty Floor (R34)

For a very long time the R34 Nissan Skyline held the throne as the most desired Japanese import regardless of how difficult it was to acquire one in the United States followed by the Supra, NSX and RX7. But with…

Nostalgia: Volk’d EG Civic

Something about this EG Civic brings me back to my high school days when Sport Compact Magazine was my religion and all I could dream of was building a b-series Civic (It might be time to make that dream come…

Wants: Go Pro

With my interest in video editing growing with every passing minute, it becomes even clearer that I need to upgrade my equipment. Go pro HD, anyone? FRENCH

Touge Factory Evo X

Normally we’d hesitate at name dropping shops but being that our boy Joe D. is sponsored by Touge Factory and this Mitsubishi Evo(lution) X is super “sessy,” it is without a doubt not a problem. Be sure follow him this…


Every now and again I visit ThePerfectExposure and to this day I have yet to be let down.  The amount of insanely cool cars this man gets to photograph on a monthly basis is absolutely ridiculous.  Allow me to share with you…

Seen it.

If you follow us religiously than you have certainly seen this car before,but it just never seems to grow old.  Although these wheels have been sold and replaced with something different I wanted to take a quick look back on one of…

Nasty X

I love the way this thing looks. -spilner


I can’t help but be attracted to the RX7. With looks far beyond it’s time, the rotary driven Mazda has a charming presence at any event. FRENCH Photocred: Unknown

Step your game up.

Without a doubt this is the meanest looking evo I have ever seen.  There’s a ton of EVO IX’s in my area and I wish someone would make their’s look as tough as this thing.  Take some notes LI! -Spilner…