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Performance Auto Solutions Grand Opening Meet

Deer Park, NY has become somewhat of a breeding ground for performance shops each with their own identity and focus. Having heard Dave Brown of the late MSPT tuning relocated to the hot bed and opened a new venture, Performance…


Ivy League East Fall Meet

In spite of Hurricane Sandy, the Nor’Easter days prior and the gas crisis that plagued pumps across Long Island, the Fall Meet was a success. Temperatures were on the rise and the Sun showed faced though the grey skies last…

Worthless Words

Nowadays with expanding forums and internet discussion boards voicing your individual opinion for the world to see has never been easier and having the ability to hide behind an anonymous username while doing so gives people the confidence to speak their truth,…

“Road Course”

It’s hard to resist hitting those aggressive turns at speed. FRENCH photo credit: unknown

Gilded WRX Bugeye

According to my very particular friend white bug eyes are the only way to go. Concurring with his irrational yet apparently true statement, this WRX’s aesthetics are ideal. FRENCH

Up and Running!

For those who used to hate on Demetri’s bugeye for being trailered to shows and winning awards without the ability to even start, you’re going to have to find something else to hate on.  After a long wait, The infamous “Dmoney…

Keepin’ It Interesting

If you’re friends with me on facebook you’ve noticed that I’ve been making a conscious effort to shoot every day. This photo was impromptu when Spilner and I decided to go exchange my Vans for a half size up. FRENCH

D Money’s Bugeye!

I had the privilege of seeing this beauty in person yesterday at Englishtown and I have no words to describe how perfect this car truly is.  When I saw it getting unloaded I immediately stopped moving, turned right, and started walking briskly towards…

“It’s a Celebration B!tches!”

Aside from my girlfriend’s brother becoming obsessed with Subarus overnight, my friend Matt received a special delivery from Fortune Auto this morning. The name may not be familiar with everyone but the performance coilover brand is becoming a household brand…