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Drop Top

So I suppose the summer is finally over and I must admit it was the best one of my entire life.  With the exception of one minor emotional road bump that lasted all of 2 days, this summer reintroduced me…

IvyLeagueEast CANZiti Meet

Being that it has been some time since our last meet we felt compelled to host another before the Summer’s end and what better location than CANZiti, a new Hooters-type restaurant. FRENCH

New Perspective: Chris Amodei’s S2000

Chris Amodei’s photography challenges the abilities of many published photographers but his automotive lifestyle runs far beyond the lens. Working in the industry and attending any and every meet within reason, you may have already seen his ebony S scattered…

Z Roadster

Let me begin by saying the 350z, in my opinion, is one of the most attractive tuner cars available. ATTRACTIVE, not the fastest, not the best handling, ATTRACTIVE, before everyone starts loosing their marbles. That being so, one of it’s…

Black and Yellow BMW

The catchy Whiz Khalifa song still hasn’t lost its appeal, clearly. Black and YERRO FRENCH photocredit: George Pritchard of Derby

M3 IntheHouse: Sid Titus Photography

Derp. It’s been a while since I shared something das uber ill from Germany. I like to think this E46 M3 on BBS LMs justifies my recess. FRENCH photography by Sid Titus    

Low and Go, S2K

Having lowered my car to the most appealing ride height :D, the next step in complementing the exterior is to flare the front fenders especially after having it blown out at a drive through entrance. Looking at track S2000s for…

Postured Meowta

Paying close attention to all of you guys and gals  following us on facebook, I came across Jesse Gallarzo and his happy clam. My only complaint is that antenna, otherwise well done… friend. haha FRENCH photography by Phototong

Atypical Vert

Every so often you find an individual pushing the envelope in regards to performance and style. This is the case with the particular 240sx convertible owner. Taking a chassis that had no manual option from the factory, this particular tuner…