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Spring Fling

Limerock, a reputable race track in the beautiful mountains of Northwest Connecticut. On a usual race day there are Porches, Ferrari’s, Corvette’s, kit cars you name it’s here. However this time around not so much. The sounds of cars racing…

Being Completely Different

When many of us exercise the word “STi” this almost always registers as All Wheel Drive. Kyle, a close friend of mine and new comer to the drift community, decided to defy the social norm and try to expose himself…

Slideways Silly

I should be at a BBQ, the beach, or a BBQ at the beach, but I am home on the interweb like a herb waiting for my girlfriend to get off work. I can’t complain too much though, because three…


East Coast Bash!

It was a GREAT time. Even though the ride there and back wasn’t the best time I’ve ever had (shitty roads in a slammed 350z) we had a great time!! There was a lot of great cars and drivers. I…


Could this get any more g? I don’t think so.  What could be more fun than going out in your dad’s  infiniti and drifting some S-turns with 5 of your friends in the backseat? -spilner   Photo’s by The Perfect…

Awesomeness: Hachiroku

Would I ever buy a Hachiroku? Probably not, but I can absolutely appreciate this AE86 for everything it is. FRENCH photocredit: Unknown


Nothing like posting up with a bunch of buddies with that obvious affection for cars. The ILE posse will have to get together for a line up shooting spree in the Spring. FRENCH

Morning Drift Update

Pretty straight forward… I found this video on Drift Union’s website. It’s refreshing to see drifting without the crazy vinyls, graphics, and whatnot. Be sure to keep your eye on the white miata; that guy can DRIVE! – j -

Devil Dogs

O man, this video is fun! I’m feeling the sound track. Loving the drifting. It’s just so authentic and gritty. Something about seeing drifting and racing on the street. I know, I know, it’s unsafe but c’mon live vicariously for…