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Autostrade – Glen Cove, NY July 11th, 2014

Glen Cove’s Autostrade Exotic Meet hosted by Martino Auto Concepts was another success. Adding to the already awe striking cars on display was a Koenigsegg CCX-R. Without regurgitating the finer details offered by the brochure, I will say this, and…

All Black E46 M3

The menacing all black appearance of this M3 suits it well. Expecting to be disappointed as the thread read “E46 M3 All Black…,” I soon found myself in need of some kleenex tissues. FRENCH “Once you go black, you go…


The release of the E92 M3 may have cast a tremendous shadow on the E46 but the predecessor still suits many if not alloccasions. Goodnight ladies and gentlemen. FRENCH photo credit: FailSafe Photography photo credit: jayjaya29@gmail.com  

Black and Yellow BMW

The catchy Whiz Khalifa song still hasn’t lost its appeal, clearly. Black and YERRO FRENCH photocredit: George Pritchard of Derby

M3 IntheHouse: Sid Titus Photography

Derp. It’s been a while since I shared something das uber ill from Germany. I like to think this E46 M3 on BBS LMs justifies my recess. FRENCH photography by Sid Titus    

Seen It: From330citom3′s M3

Wek’fest played host some of the most popular Californian internet celebs such as this M3. Looking unreal, it was nearly impossible for me to take my eyes away from this fine piece of german engineering. FRENCH 19×10 – 235/35/19 19×11.5…

Wek’Fest 2011 part 1

part 1 Traveling with good company makes all the difference in the World and last weekend wouldn’t be the first testament to that statement. To California and back in one weekend we traveled, East to West, West to East, by…