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Hood Fame (or DIE)’s Civic Coupe

Spilner and I have developed quite the knack for rolling fenders. Assisting most of the local celebrities in their quest for e-fame it is of no surprise that after rolling Tyrell’s EK hatch, that his second* take on the Civic, a coupe,…

Track Fiend

There is something incredibly spiritual and exciting about tracking your car. One could credit it to the 20+ minute “beat” session of your pride and joy 4-5 times a day, having an intellectual conversion over suspension dynamics in the paddock…

Guide Post

“Success isn’t measured by the position you reach in life: it’s measured by the obstacles you overcome.” -Booker T. Washington I like to believe this Honda Civic initially developed to be an economical commuter car is a proper example of…

The Project Car

Having just passed my friend Sean in his “commuter” EF Civic of which he’s repainting habanero red and swapping in a b16A motor, O and might I add he just bought coil-overs for the thing, it brought to concern why…


It’s good to see individuals doing things differently in the Honda community especially if the outcome is as such. FRENCH here are couple recent shots of my S  

Ferio’cious: Track Civic Sedan

Having previously owned a Civic sedan when I was in high school , that was, as you could already imagine, stolen, this street/ track Civic (JDM sland- Ferio) evokes strong nostalgic emotions :sigh:. FRENCH photo credit: unknown

Roll’d Up Aces Over Kings. EK9 Civic

Having caught the racing bug my “stanced” S2000 is in need of some handling correction. Running nearly -3 (front) and -4 (rear) degrees of camber, my grip is suffering due to the minimal contact patch. Wanting to maintain the stock…

Pretty Bubbles

Everytime I come across a unmodified EG or EK hatch I’m tempted to pull the trigger and start another project. FRENCH

Sailor Spoon

Skip to 4:15… What we have is a k20a, Spoon tuned ek9 civic brought to us from the fine boys and girls at GT-Channel and Best Motoring International. Receiving nothing but praise from the legendary Tsuchiya, the hatchback in motion…