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Spring Fever- Stu’s 350z

Summer is quickly approaching and Winter build releases have been rampant. Release here, release there. Some worth attention, most not. Stu’s Z has been under the knife for as long as I can remember and it’s finally seeing the asphalt….

Waterfest 2011

There is one word to describe the VW and Audi community and that is style. Although they may be far from the fastest tuning vehicles they are absolutely easy on the eyes and photogenic to say the least. With that…

FRENCH: Wake And Bake(erz) FMP Meet 2011

Why we made a trip into Queens Sunday for the 2011 FMP Bakerz meet slipped my mind as the road quality simulated that of a 3rd World country, perhaps even worse. But after our emotions settled and the idea of…

Family Tree: NA Miata

Having survived 3 different owners, this very special Mazda Miata has made it’s way on to the fourth. Having moved through family members and then on to the open market one previous owner is in search of its current progress….

TSX, “O Sure”

I love everything going with this TSX. Intercooler (TURBO!), the monotone color scheme and  the Work equips…classic F_R_E_N_C_H


WIth the increasing popularity of tuning vintage Japanese cars such as the Z, Corolla and N600 in California, I forecast an influx neo-vintage car projects such as EF Civics, Mk3 Supras and FC3 Rx7s in the North East. Having a…

It’s the REMIX-XDC@ Engrishtown

The end of Summer is approaching quickly but fear not as the shows and meets are still going strong. If anything your car will be more powerful with the lowering of temperatures and the cruises through scenic mountain roads are…

Lex Luger

In recent events, a good friend of mine moved  from his Honda Civic hatchback (EK) into an IS300. Most likely taking the FR sedan in a VIP direction, I can only hope to influence his purchases by posting great vehicles…

Save the Drama for Your Momma

Recently, there has been a lot of controversy over the hellaflush/aggressive stance trend evident by the editorial “Road Rage” in the most current Honda Tuning magazine. Introducing my own opinion into the mix I have to say that  it looks…